Background and Importance: Abscess of the hypophysis or pituitary adenoma is a very rare entity, and its preoperative diagnosis could be challenging. The clinical presentation is less specific, and despite the recent advancement in imaging, diagnosis before surgery is still difficult.

Case Presentation: We reported two cases of pituitary abscesses in patients aged 38 and 42 years. The first patient was managed for maxillary sinusitis associated with pituitary adenoma whose diagnosis was made following surgery. For the second patient, the diagnosis was proposed before surgery following an MRI which showed a ring enhancement lesion of the hypophysis. Both patients benefitted from surgery where one had sub-labial rhino-septal trans-sphenoidal approach and the other through endoscopic endonasal trans-sphenoidal approach. Both received intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics.  

Conclusion:  Post-operative evolution was good with control MRI showing complete disappearance of the sellar lesion. Early diagnosis and treatment improved the prognosis.


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